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REX HO63 Fixed Table Height Thicknesser - used - $9,500 plus GST

This is a super heavy duty thicknesser that will handle everything from railway sleepers all the way down to beading
  • 630mm Max width of cut
  • 280mm Max depth of cut
  • 5 - 25 Meters per minute variable speed feed rate
  • 1200mm Table length
  • 4500rpm Large diameter four knife cutter block
  • 7.5kw Three phase cutter block drive motor
  • 800mm Fixed table height. Ideal for heavy difficult timbers
  • Automatic height adjustment with hand-wheel for fine adjustment
  • Sectional in-feed roller
  • Large diameter feed rollers
  • 2 adjustable table rollers
  • Fitted with jointing stone for a genuine four knife finish
  • Can easily be packed and loaded for interstate transport
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