16 John Street
Mansfield Park SA 5012
Ph0882 442542

Sicar S1000 Spindle Moulder - used - $2,900 plus GST

  • Heavy duty ground cast iron table mounted on a fabricated steel machine base
  • 5.5HP Three phase motor with 4 speed pulley system
  • 3500rpm/6500rpm/8000rpm/10000rpm spindle speeds available
  • 180mm Vertical travel of spindle via handwheel with lock
  • Foot operated spindle brake
  • Foot operated spindle lock
  • Can be run in forward or reverse via switch
  • Both fences are micrometricaly adjustable, so it can be run left or right handed
  • The Zangheri & Boschetti Europa 380 feed unit pictured in the photos is also available here
  • Can easily be packed and loaded for interstate transport
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