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Elumatec AF 221 - used - $4,800 plus GST

This German made and engineered manual end milling machine features a quick change arbour, semi auto clamps and lubrication, a powerful motor and a ground cast iron table on a fabricated steel machine base. Perfect for all your notching requirements.
  • Manual End Milling Machine
  • 250mm Max cutter size
  • 2800rpm Direct drive spindle
  • 350mm Stroke
  • 100mm Max height
  • 2kw Three phase motor
  • Horizontal and vertical pneumatic clamps
  • Manual feed of milling unit
  • Vertical & horizontal pneumatic clamping
  • Fence can be adjusted 45ยบ to the left or right
  • Quick change arbor for easy cutter changes
  • Four quick change adjustable depth stops for different notching depths
  • Atomised mist spray
  • Full "CE" safety certificate
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